1st Sports is a unique organization specializing in activities and sport development for children as young as 3 years of age and up. Our programs involve athletic development for all children that are designed to introduce them to sports and the opportunity to develop motor skills, hand eye coordination, foot work and basic strength, stability and balance while keeping the atmosphere fun and entertaining for the child.

1st Sports is a systematic progression of the mind and body that provides today’s youth with the ability and options to develop skills, knowledge and receive the personal attention that they are unable to get from other youth sports organizations. The program in its entirety is designed to help children build a physical and mental foundation while also incorporating time management skills and healthy nutritional concepts to connect sports, school and life as they grow into young adults. The 1st Sports Academy concept gives parents the ability to offer their children fun and progressive activities to build success in their sport.


These programs are to introduce the children to athletics. Basic and elementary programs designed for the younger child to enjoy the “exercise” of sports. Allows the child to get comfortable with their mind and body. The programs are easy, fun and stress free for the child.
The group programs are designed for the children to socialize in a sports-like environment. The same easy, fun, stress free setting and includes a new dynamic for the child to assimilate the mind set when playing with other children. Positive attitude is very important when playing any sport.
These programs are specifically designed to help the individual achieve the highest level of athletic mobility in their sport. Each sport has its own mental aspect and decision making challenges. Our coaches will help the individual with physical and athletic improvement in the sport along with teaching them how to center the mind to help with quick decision making under pressure. Metal training along with the physical training will help increase their sports IQ level and increase the level of success in their sport.
With every single program 1st Sports offers, the member has our after school program available to them. This allows the member to get picked up from school and brought to our facilities so they can do their homework in a class room setting with tutors available to help with their school work. After their school work is complete they can start their athletic program. This will help the member become organized and structured which will set their priorities academically, athletically and socially. At 1st Sports we are dedicated to helping our youth start their lives with structure, health, discipline and control in every aspect of their life.