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Through your membership enrollment, your child/athlete will have the opportunity to acquire valuable sports knowledge and training in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere. Our carefully designed programs not only focus on teaching essential skills but also aim to develop their character, confidence, and the physical attributes they need to excel in sports and in life. Sign up today for our specialized 5-week training classes and join our group class programs to give your child/athlete the best chance to thrive. Register now and unlock their full potential.

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Intro To Youth Sports

Introduce your child to the world of athletics with our youth sports programs. These basic and elementary programs are designed to make sports enjoyable for younger children, allowing them to get comfortable with their mind and body. Our stress-free and fun-filled programs are easy for children to participate in, providing them with the perfect opportunity to exercise and have a great time. Start your child’s athletic journey today!

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Group Classes

Our group classes provide a unique sports-like environment where children can socialize and have fun. Designed to be stress-free and enjoyable, these classes help children develop a positive attitude while playing with others. By participating in our dynamic group programs, children learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Join us today and watch your child thrive in a setting that fosters both personal growth and social skills.

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Sport Specific Training

Our Sport Specific Training programs are tailored to enhance athletic mobility and elevate performance to the highest level in your chosen sport. Our experienced coaches understand the unique mental aspects and decision-making challenges that come with each sport. Through comprehensive physical and athletic training, we aim to improve your skills while also teaching you how to focus your mind, enabling quick decision-making under pressure. By combining mental and physical training, we not only elevate your sports IQ but also maximize your chances of success in your sport of choice.

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Our Mission

We strive to give parents the opportunity to involve their children / athletes into programs that help develop sports knowledge, hand-eye coordination, footwork and other healthy lifestyle habits that will translate to future life success.


At 1st Sports, we are dedicated to the development of young children through our specialized programs. Our focus is on introducing children as young as 3 years old to various sports while nurturing their motor skills, coordination, strength, stability, and balance. We offer a range of group classes as well as tailored programs for individual needs.

Unlike other youth sports organizations, 1st Sports provides a systematic progression of mind and body, ensuring that children receive personalized attention and the opportunity to develop vital skills and knowledge. Our programs also emphasize time management and healthy nutritional concepts, bridging the gap between sports, school, and life.

With the 1st Sports Academy, parents can offer their children a fun and progressive platform to cultivate success in their chosen sport. Join us today and lay the foundation for your child’s physical and mental growth.


“Phenomenal experience!!!

My young son started private lessons on and off with Joe about 2 years ago. He loved his lessons so much we now get private lessons once a week and try to participate in any up coming classes. As time has gone on his skills and techniques have come a long way!! He not only has more confidence playing his sports but he loves it more and more.

We feel very fortunate to have found such a dedicated coach and facility to work with!”

“Joe Rollo has been an amazing resource and coach to our son. He is patient and skilled in explaining all of the details needed to becoming a better athlete. His enthusiasm about working with our son made all the difference for us.”
Kelly Furbush
“My son (and I) couldn’t be more pleased with Coach Joe. His trainings are tailored to fit the needs of the player and help develop the skills that are necessary to compete at a high level. The week to week development is noticeable on the field, and my son’s confidence in his ability is higher than ever.”
Shawn Prescott
“I found Coach Joe on line we made arrangements to meet him he made the process very easy and clear, he started training my son Harry with patience passion and determination , he made him to be a great player, he trains one other time, to give all the time, confidence and courage to that child, Harry loves basketball he’s very strong, plays well and am very proud him, thanks Coach Joe.”
Rita Nalunga
“I found Joe online and he turned out to be above and beyond my expectations. He took the time to really get to know my son and developed lessons specifically for his development. He always stresses the importance of sportsmanship, having a positive attitude and learning through failure. When I decided to search online, I was concerned about who I would find and how dedicated they would be, finding Joe was a “Grand Slam”! I have and will continue to recommend Joe to anyone looking for additional work in sports training for their child.”
Mike Killilea

How You Can Help

Donate to the 1st Sports Foundation to provide scholarships to student athletes in the community.

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