1st Sports Foundation

The 1st Sports Foundation Ltd. was officially founded on May 31, 2016 By Joseph Rollo.

Our programs are not just about sports they are also about education. School and sports are a big part of the lives of today’s youth and excelling in both is the goal. The Dozens of kids that have been a part of Coach Rollo’s programs are proof that young kids absorb their environment and surroundings.

Our ultimate goal is to build character and confidence in today’s youth by giving them the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals in sport. We hope that the introduction of such a fundamental program will create a generation of people who are not afraid to participate in group sports as well as staying active and healthy as they grow older.

The 1st Sports Foundation Ltd. was put in place to help raise money for youth programs, scholarships & charitable causes in the community.

Board of Directors

Joseph S. Rollo

Joseph S. Rollo


Joseph has held corporate management positions since 1993. Throughout the years he has also coached a variety of sports and sports-related positions. His extensive resume ranges from U10 soccer to boys Little League and AAU baseball coach. U15 AAU basketball to High School boys and girls basketball. Other positions and experiences include an Iaabo Board 27 certified basketball official, private basketball trainer, basketball scout for high school and college, and he also has resided on the board of directors for other non-profit organizations.
Christian L. Fitzpatrick

Christian L. Fitzpatrick

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Christian brings 15 plus years in marketing, advertising and business development. Leveraging his expertise with integrated marketing and related technology across every channel from traditional media, digital media and experiential.

Christian’s key focus is to utilize his experience in multi-media to create consumer awareness for 1st Sports while developing partnerships with brands and advertisers to build turn-key sports related marketing programs.

Daniel E. Rollo

Daniel E. Rollo


Daniel has been involved in business from his teenage years. He attended Northeastern University where he majored in computer science and also successfully completed a Certificate Program in Accounting.

Daniel has been involved in many types of businesses and has experience in information technology, graphic design and web development. He has learned to integrate his technical knowledge to be a valuable asset to the businesses he has been a part of. For the past decade he held the Vice President position of highly regarded transportation company where he has been in charge of operations, marketing and finance.

“1st Sports” will benefit greatly by Daniel’s wide range of talents. Together with our other board members and staff, his talents will benefit the “1st Sports Foundation” by expanding and remaining current with the ever-changing world of technology.